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Welcome to Meritigroup

A global platform of
financial, accounting, legal, and IT professionals.

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Globalized & Integrated
Wealth Solutions
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Meritigroup is a global platform of financial, accounting, legal, and IT professionals who strives for clients’ long term and comprehensive wealth solutions, to face the challenges of the globalized financial environment.

  • In 2008, Meritigroup was founded in Toronto, Canada.
  • In 2010, Vancouver branch was established.
  • In 2015, Meritigroup covered seven cities in Canada.
  • In 2018, U.S. corporation was established.
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Our mission is to provide shared and added
value services in the highest professional manner.


We noticed our website contents, photographs and team information have been infringed by the URL below:

We requested “” to remove the alleged infringing information and materials; however misleading information may still can be viewed from Internet.

We solemnly declare that except for the information you obtained on the MeritiGroup’s official website (, such as telephone, fax, Email and QR code, which are valid MeritiGroup’s contact information, everything else is illegal misappropriation. MeritiGroup is not responsible for any consequences arising therefrom.

我们注意到以下网址““、“明瑞国际家族办公室_家办之家”非法盗用了我们的网站内容、照片和团队信息。我们已经要求其删除所有侵权信息; 但是您仍然有可能从 Internet 上看到误导性信息。

我们郑重声明除了您在明瑞集团的官方网站上获取的信息如电话, 传真, Email和二维码是有效的明瑞集团联系方式,除此之外的都为非法盗用。由此产生的任何后果与明瑞集团无关。